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About Us

High-Performance Structural Core Materials with Integrity.

Our Mission

I-Core Composites will strive to manufacture and deliver the highest quality structural core materials, with a pledge to listen to our customers and continually improve our products and services. 

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Our Balsa Wood Story

Balsa wood is the only carbon-neutral core material available in the world today. From the tiniest seed, we can quickly grow balsa trees that are then transformed into core materials that are used in wind blades, electric buses, high-end yachts, air cargo pallets, storage tanks, and so much more. This recyclable and renewable resource is the perfect material for a greener, high-performance planet.

As the only manufacturer of balsa core in the United States, our line of End-Grain Balsa products are engineered panels with powerful properties and sustainable advantages. By partnering with I-Core you can reduce your carbon footprint by using the only carbon neutral core material available today.

Balsa wood exhibits superior mechanical properties and offers exceptional value compared to other core materials. At I-Core, we are committed to championing this incredible green alternative right here in the U.S. 

Balsa wood’s many benefits:

  • Natural inhibition of bacteria, mold, and fungi without the need for pesticides or chemicals
  • Range of densities from low to high for all molding applications
  • Extremely lightweight and versatile
  • Can be grown without fertilizers, making it environmentally friendly
  • Natural insulating properties against temperatures and sounds

Our Background

I-Core Composites is owned and operated by David Lee and Rusty Lamb. Since the moment we opened our doors in 2005, we have been a performance-oriented company focused on turning our vast specialized knowledge of balsa wood and other core materials into a line of products with real integrity. Based in Cullman, Alabama, I-Core Composites is the only company that manufactures balsa core right here in the United States. 

Family-owned and operated, we have practical, hands-on experience with every product we manufacture. And we stand behind those products with a level of customer service unmatched in the composite materials industry. Though our innovations are cutting-edge, our approach to customer service is old school. We’ll always go the extra mile to meet you face-to-face, talk to you on the phone, and do whatever it takes to get you what you need, no matter what.

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