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High-Performance Structural Core Materials with Integrity.

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I-Core Composites has custom engineered and fabricated our own major manufacturing machinery to bring the highest quality structural core materials to the market. We can produce specialty products for a diverse range of niche applications with quick lead times for customers in the US. We are also equipped to export materials throughout the world, anywhere lightweight, durable, high-performance composite materials are needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about our products, browse the data & specifications below and give us a call at +1 (256) 739-6627.

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EG Balsa Products

End-grain (EG) Balsa is a highly processed, ultra-light, engineered wood product for use in composite sandwich construction. It has an extremely high strength to weight ratio and is resistant to crushing, shearing, and delamination. Our end-grain balsa panels offer superior performance and strength in weight-sensitive applications. EG Balsa products are available in standard 24” x 48” panels with optional 48″ x 48″ panels in limited finishes and thicknesses.

Only I-Core structural core panels feature PlyScrim 100™. In scrimmed panels, the scrim will be flush with the surface, and the adhesive is compatible with virtually all resin systems. We can also apply ARMOR® coating to any of our Balsa products, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi; reduces resin uptake; and achieves excellent laminate and bond strength.

Balsa Data Sheet

CORRITE® Structural Foams

CORRITE Structural Foams are produced in the United States using a highly developed continuous process that yields unparalleled consistency over the entire density range. Designed and manufactured for use in a wide variety of structural composite applications, these foams boast virtually unlimited capacity and compatibility with virtually all resin systems.

Corrite Data Sheet

CORRITE® Structural Foam

CORRITE Structural Foams are advanced polyurethane-based formulations produced in the United States. These foams are engineered for the challenging requirements of today’s composite parts, and they can be processed easily using traditional tools. 

CORRITE Structural Foams are designed for use in many molding processes, including hand lay-up, spray lay-up, resin infusion/injection, vacuum infusion, and others.


All CORRITE PET Foams are engineered and produced from Polyethylene Terephthalate chemistry. These foams have a high-recycled content, making them a responsible, green choice. CORRITE PET Foams are designed for performance to meet the increasing demands of today’s complex composite parts. 

Easy to process using traditional tools, they boast superior mechanical properties, outstanding fatigue resistance and chemical resistance, excellent laminate adhesion, and more.

Corrite-PET Data Sheet
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I-Core Bulker Mat (ICBM) Flexible Core

I-Core Bulker Mat (ICBM) is an excellent low-cost method for building laminate bulk quickly and controlling print or transfer. It is designed to wet out quickly and conform to challenging contours for use in hand lay-up or spray-up lamination. ICBM Flexible Core has been engineered with expandable microspheres and polyester fibers in the X, Y, & Z axes. 

Suitable for use in a wide variety of composite applications, ICBM Flexible Core features enhanced thermal and acoustic characteristics, improved rigidity and impact resistance, and reduced cost and weight compared to solid laminate. The standard width is 39.73” with special widths available.

ICBM Data Sheet

I-Core Composites: Quality, Service, & Value in Core Materials

If you are interested in finding or becoming a distributor for our products, have questions, or simply want to discuss a project, give us a call today. We’ll always be on hand to answer the phone. Let’s start a conversation today.

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